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Disaster Plan

Curtis Memorial Library's Disaster Plan

Disaster Plan



At the first indication of smoke or flame, determine location and extent of the fire. If the fire can be contained safely and quickly, proceed to do so.  (Do not attempt to fight fires larger than a waste paper basket)   There are ABC extinguishers at the front door and at the rear of the building.  If there is any doubt, immediately clear the building and call 911.  All staff and patrons of the library should meet in the Bank parking lot across the street. 

All staff must be familiar with the type, location and application of the fire extinguishers and the safest exit to use.

Severe Weather

The library has a weather radio to monitor severe conditions.  In the event of impending severe weather, damaging winds or tornado, the staff will check conditions on the weather radio, and internet. If necessary, the decision to close will be made by the director . If the director is not available, the decision will be made by the staff on duty. Children will be permitted to call for a ride home if necessary.  If the severe weather is too close and it is not safe for patrons to leave, they will be advised to take shelter in either the restroom or the back office. Blankets or cushions will be used for extra protection.  In this situation staff should encourage patrons to stay but cannot force them to do so.

Snow Storms/Severe Winter Weather

The director will determine when to close in case of severe winter weather.

Hazardous Materials Spills

In the event of a Hazardous Materials spill in the area, all doors and windows must remain closed. The heating and air conditioning unit will be shut off. Patrons will be asked to stay in the library until conditions are safe or we are asked to evacuate to another location.

Threatening Situations

The safety of the staff and patrons is our first priority. In the event of dangerous situation, whether a patron threatens another patron or a staff member, it is important to get out of the building or hide if possible. Call 911 as soon as you are a safe distance from the situation.

Bomb Threats

In the case of a bomb threat, keep the caller on the line as long as possible, ask specific questions about the location and detonation time of the bomb. Write down everything that is said and take note of any background noises. After the caller hangs up, call the police, clear the building.

Medical Emergencies

The library staff is not trained to administer first aid or any medication. The staff will attempt to keep the sick or injured comfortable until medical help arrives.  Staff will observe universal precautions and avoid contact with body fluids, including blood to the extent possible.

Adopted 2/2/14


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