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This policy covers library staff employment.

Personnel Policy
Adopted 1-4-2018

•    The library board trustees will employ a library director and authorize hiring of such assistants as necessary and fix their compensations. Salaries will be reviewed annually.
•    Provision will be made for staff attendance to workshops and professional meetings as required for continuing education. All expenses will be paid, including mileage, which will be set by the City of Wheatland. Receipts must be kept for all expenses and will be reimbursed upon request.
•    The board has the authority to remove the librarian by a vote of (2/3) two-thirds, for misdemeanor, incompetence, or inattention to duties as outlined by the policies of the board.
•    Annual evaluation of performance of the director will be held. This evaluation will be the basis for pay decisions, disciplinary action, or dismissal, as well as future goals for the director.
•    The director must give two weeks notice upon resignation and assist in the training of the new director. Such training shall not exceed 50 hours.
•    Benefits for the director and staff will be in compliance with the City of Wheatland’s personnel policy.

Library Director Job Description
Adopted 1-4-2018

 The library director has direct responsibility of the total library program within the framework of the board plans, policies and budget.
•    Provide assistance and direction to the board. He/she will recommend and implement policies and plans for extending library services competently and efficiently.
•    Plans and directs all activities of library service.
•    Prepare needed library reports for the local government, LSA, and State Library. Reports will be filed within the allotted time and copies provided to the board.
•    Responsible for selection, acquisition and maintenance of all library materials and supplies based on the library’s collection development policy. Book selection should be spaced so that all books are processed and shelved in a reasonable length of time.
•    Attend all board meetings. Open meeting laws will be in effect for any salary or evaluation discussions.
•    Hire additional personnel and supervise their work to utilize their skills to the library’s advantage based on the board’s personnel policy.
•    Prepare an annual budget for the library in consultation with the board, based on present and anticipated needs. Keep the board informed of the current expenditures against the budget.
•    Know the local, county and state laws concerning the library, communicate them to the board and actively support library legislation.
•    Maintain an active program of public relations within the community to promote the use of the library and encourage use of library resources by its citizens and organizations.
•    Be a member of state organizations and attend professional meetings and workshops when possible.
•    Participate in the Inter-Library loan program and keep necessary statistics required for the Open Access Program to be submitted for payment.


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