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Patron Responsibilities and Conduct

These polices regard patron Conduct in the library.


I. PURPOSE OF THIS POLICY. The Curtis Memorial Library will provide a safe,comfortable working environment that is conducive to the use of Library materials either by individuals or by small groups.
Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members and to use the Library for its intended purpose.
II. EXPECTATIONS OF LIBRARY USERS. Patrons using the Library are expected to behave in a way that is appropriate to the Library’s purpose as stated above.
Therefore,the following kinds of behavior are prohibited:
Any behavior that is illegal.
Any behavior that endangers oneself or others.
Any behavior that is disruptive to the Library environment; for example, loud talking,running or rough playing 
Any behavior that is physically or verbally abusive to a staff member or other patron.
Any use of the Library that interferes with the Library’s purpose.
Any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Library Director or Staff; for
example, smoking, eating or drinking.
The primary responsibility for enforcing this policy rests on the staff member in
charge of the Library when the incident occurs. However, all staff members have responsibility for enforcing the policy.
Staff members are to use their best professional judgment when enforcing this policy.
The goals of staff action will be to curtail a patron’s inappropriate behavior, and to encourage the patron to behave appropriately in the Library.
Response to any incident should occur as soon as possible after the incident begins.
Except in cases where the staff feels in physical danger, they will discuss the inappropriate behavior with the patron, suggest alternatives, and if necessary
state the consequences of the behavior.
In cases where a juvenile refuses to behave appropriately in the Library, the staff
member in charge is authorized to call the juvenile’s parents.
In cases where a patron, whether juvenile or adult,continues to behave in an inappropriate manner after the staff has warned the
patron that such behavior is inappropriate, the staff member in charge is authorized to tell the patron to
leave, and to call the police if the patron refuses
Any patron asked to leave the Library may return the next working day.

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