Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Hours and Use

The Meeting Room, formerly known as The History Room, is open to all patrons during normal business hours.  All items in closed cases will not be removed.  Books and documents must be handled with extreme care.  All items must remain in the Meeting Room.  Copies can be made of item by library staff for 15 cents per page. 

The room can be reserved for meetings and private events.  Please review our policy linked on this page.  If you wish to reserve the space you can print and complete the form at home or come into the library and we will print a copy for you.

Micro Film Reader

The Micro Film reader will be set up by the library staff and directions on use will be explained.  Copies are $0.15 a page. Children Under 18 Years. Children needing information from the History Room must be with an adult 18 years or older  supervised by library staff. An Appointment is advised, and availability is limited. Children may use the micro film reader with the supervision of the library staff.



  • We still take donations of items of historical value to the Wheatland area.
  • All items donated to the Meeting Room must be approved by the Director. 
  • Please include as much information about the items as possible.
  • All items donated become the property of Curtis Memorial Library and the library will have the authority to use donated items as they determine appropriate.